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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is playing to the end of the game wrong?

Are there unwritten rules among coaches? Even if there are does a coach have to follow those rules or is his responsibility to his team and his team alone.

In the waning minutes of Elyria Catholic’s 29-10 win over St. Thomas Aquinas, Elyria Catholic continued to drop back and pass. The Panthers successfully executed a fake punt to keep a drive alive, passed even more and attempted and missed a field goal with 19 seconds left.

St. Thomas Aquinas head coach Bob Madden was not a fan of Elyria Catholic head coach Ben Malbasa’s play calling.

“No class,” Madden said. “He pulled the same thing up at our place last year. You can put that in whatever paper you write for. Direct quote from Bob Madden. Last year they were winning by three touchdowns I put my subs in and he threw a deep pass to the kid that went Cincinnati. Big tall kid #16 tried to score another touchdown on us. He pulls this tonight. No class.

“They could have taken a knee and ran the clock out then they try a field goal. That’s terrible. I don’t care if they are 4-0, 10-0. That guy has no class at all. Guys in my profession feel the same way I can tell you that.

“They have a good football team but their coach is I can’t even say it. I am proud of how my team played tonight.”

Malbasa said he had a responsibility to coach his team the same way at all times.

“We preach to our kids to play all four quarters and how can I tell me kids not to play four quarters,” Malbasa said. “We have a JV game tomorrow and we need to make sure those kids can play tomorrow and we don’t have that big of a team so we have to play four quarters.”


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